Pre-packed Materials for renovation in HDB flats

Dear home owners, it has now been confirmed that Pre-packed Materials for renovation in HDB flats will start its implementation on 1 Jun 2015. You may wish to start your renovation now to avoid additional cost.


What are the affected areas?

This applies to all masonry works such as; Laying of wall & floor materials, Sink support, Erection of wall, Kerb, Cabinet base, Washing machine & fridge base, Plaster-smooth, Cement screed etc

What is Pre-packed Materials?

Currently, contractors are mixing the sand, cement and water-proofing materials on site. Just like our 3-1 coffee mix, pre-packed materials have been pre-mixed and packed before delivering to site.

Will there be a price increase?

Yes. This is due to the increase in materials & labour cost as Pre-packed materials are more expensive and harder to apply. Workers may need to spend longer hours compared to the traditional method.

Advantage of Pre-packed Materials?

Accurate dosage of waterproofing additive; consistent cement & sand ration; uniformity of mixing. Cleaner environment and cut down risk of faulty lifts due to elimination of sand which is often the main issue.


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