We are RADAC Accredited Renovator!

We are please to announce that Zhuang Jia Home of Design is now officially an RADAC Accredited Renovator. Here is our listing on RADAC 🙂

RADAC-Logo-254x300What is an RADAC Accredited Renovators?

In order to streamline the desirable standard of renovation work in the renovation and decoration industry, RADAC set up a registry of accredited renovators who abide by the stringent Singapore Renovation and Decoration Code of Practice.

Renovators must satisfy eligibility requirements like sound financial standing, technical competence and registered for at least 1) three years experience with HDB licence or 2) seven years experience for those without a HDB licence. Successful applicants are required to send a representative to attend the RADAC Certificate Course for SMEs to upgrade the professionalism and standard of work of the company.

Renovators who wish to be accredited with RADAC are required to be covered under the third liability/public liability insurance for a minimum sum of  $200,000.00 per annum so as to protect the interest of both the RADAC accredited renovators as well as homeowners.